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Client appreciation is one of the most important keys to repeat business and a huge way to express your gratitude for a client who has just entrusted you with the largest purchase of their lives.  Closing gifts not only serve as a nice gesture on a happy occasion, but they also leave a lasting impression upon the buyers and sellers who receive them. Let us be a part of your marketing client appreciation team! 

Giving any gift at all is most certainly appreciated, but staying top of mind with creativity is the key if you’re going for a maximum impact. Creativity isn’t everyone’s strong suit as it takes time and thoughtfulness.  We are here to help you through this part of the process. By allowing you to focus on what you do best and allowing us to do what we do best is the perfect solution to a successful client relationship! 

Hammer & Stain DIY Workshop Inland Empire can help real estate agents with a unique, personalized gift that they are sure display in their home v.s. a generic gift that will end up in their garage. In addition to providing a custom made closing gift we can also help with client appreciation events to help generate future sales!

How much should you spend on closing gifs or appreciation events?

We have something for every budget. Our Closing gifts start at $35 with bulk discounts and at our appreciation events we have a capacity of up to 43 people depending on the project size you select. Please take a moment to visit our gallery realtor closing gifts to get more ideas of what you can offer. Below are some of our most popular ones to view.


1. Single Wood Plank - These measure 6x32 and are the most versatile as they can go anywhere due to their style and size. These are just $40.00 and with over 50 designs, we are sure we can find one for each of your clients.



2. Farmhouse Tray & Woodround - These trays are unique in its own way. We have several designs and can be made to be hung on a wall or displayed as a centerpiece at a table. We can custom design these with your choice of wording specifically for your client. Farmhouse tray vary in price, but typically they costs between $60-$65.


3. Welcome Sign, Home Shutter or Home Sign - Welcome signs have always been a top favorite amongst our realtor partnersand our customers!  These offer a variety of designs and make quite a wow factor at 4ft tall. Friends and family will ask where they got it from and your name is sure to pop up in conversations!   Some of our customers favorite designs include Welcome with their family name. Our home shutters are made in 4 foot tall size& mini at 2 feet tall, both are personalized; our large shutter comes with a 3d element at $75, while our mini-shutter is offered at $48. Both are made with a cotton wreath option for the "O". If you are looking for something unique our "Home" sign with moss wreath is classic yet impressive at 4ft tall as well. These look great over a mantle , entry way or foyer. 



At Hammer & Stain we are here to provide all realtors with high-quality, handmade gifts and unforgettable events where our customers can relax and paint something amazing for their home while you enjoy and network! Our turn-around when ordering a gift for your client is 3-5 days. All finished products are available for pickup at our location in Murrieta with a delivery option also available. We also have finished gifts that you can shop for on the fly!

Contact us for your future realtor closing gifts or your next client appreciation event!